Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Respect the Fish

Saturday, April 2, 2016

March 2016 Fishing and Running

March was not a great month of fishing and running for me. Too busy with a merger at work. I finished with 20 miles for the month. Horrible mileage! As for bass fishing I managed a nice chunk on a Tex-Rigged pegged Missile D Bomb creature bait in black and blue color about 5 feet from the bank.

Water temperature was 60 degrees and stained water. Wind was blowing around 12 miles mph. 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Return

Well hello. It's been a little more than a year since I jotted some words or shared some photos on this blog. 2015 was supposed to be a better year in terms of running. Unfortunately, I rushed my return to pounding the pavement after sustaining an injury on Christmas Eve 2014. I didn't do much running only managing 300 plus miles. Since I couldn't run, I did a lot of fishing. Which it kind of balanced out. Anything to get outdoors.

Here are some highlights of 2015.

Injured foot

First complete 5 mile run in 2015

Back to full strength in late fall

Switched to a Garmin Fenix 3 watch for 2016

Fishing 2015 Top 4

19 1/4" at Bull Run Marina in September 2015

19 3/4" at Beaverdam Reservoir in December 2015

20" at Bull Run Marina in June 2015

21" at Bull Run Marina in August 2015

My biggest toothy fish caught at Sandy at Sandy River Reservoir during YakAttack 2015.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Reel Running Begins

I've decided to change my blog from kayak fishing to fishing and running adventures. This fits perfect for the way 2014 turned out and how I see 2015 shaping up to be. Mind you, I had no goals set up for fishing in 2014. However, this year will be different.

Here were my running goals for 2014:
1. Double my mileage (300 miles in 2013)
2. Lose weight. (Down 20lbs)
3. Get one race under my belt (Army 10 miler)

So here is what I will attempt to accomplish in 2015:
1. Run 1500 miles.
2. Run an official half marathon.
3. Run an official marathon.
4. Run an official ultra marathon.
5. Add more scenery to my runs by running more local trails.
6. Add strength training to increase strength and reduce injury.
7. Catch a 22" Largemouth Bass
8. Catch a 20" Smallmouth Bass
9. Catch a 15" Crappie

From September 2014 until the end of the year did not end so well with a new challenge I took at work. I spent majority of my time behind a desk the last several months of the year which limited my time outdoors. Anyhow here some highlights from the final months of the year.

Began fishing Fountainhead. I would like to fish the waters of the Occoquan Reservoir more often.

19" largemouth bass at Foutainhead Regional Park
Added a retractable anchor system to the yak.

Jeff Little's Special

Added a sweet combo to the arsenal.
Lews Speed Spool coupled with 13Fishing Omen Black

Pounded the bank from Bull Run Marina
A little Fluke action

Finally purchased a yearly pass at Fountainhead Regional Park and key to Bull Run Marina.

Largemouth bass at Bull Run Marina

Chasing some Crappie at Bull Run Marina

On to running. Added mileage and shed some weight. 

Army 10 Miler

Pounded the pavement.

Hitting the hood

Added new kicks. I started off with LunarGlide 4, great shoe, no problems running in them, so I decided to stick with the Nike LunarGlide as my road shoes.

Nike LunarGlide 6

Added a much need trail shoe.

Salomon SpeedCross 3

Hitting the trail scene.

Trails at Bull Run Marina
Trails at Hemlock Overlook 

Final total miles for 2014.

1260 miles on Nike GPS Watch

There were lots of ups and down throughout 2014.  I ended the year with an injury. Grrr! I have rehabbing my ankle since the end of December. However, I did get out and test the ankle on January 1st. No confidence on my ankle. So I begin my 2015 journey with 3 miles. Stay tuned. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer 2014 Fishing with a Sick Stick

So it's been two months since I last posted. In the month of June, I don't believe I took the yak out once, since I was mainly focused on my running challenge of 150 miles for the month. Which I am very happy that I accomplished. Anyhow, I definitly made up for it in July into the first weekend in August.

In July I mainly hit Leesylvania State Park, but I also pounded the creeks at Pohick Bay, Mason Neck, and a little Occoquan Reservoir action. Not to mention Lake Mercer to finish off July. I managed to land fish 15"+ in each of those locations using PowerTeam Lures Sick Stick Texas rigged. Not too bad for this part of the state. My largest bass of the year is an 18", still looking for the 20"+.

Anyhow, here is a short 2 minute video of the fish I caught from July through the first weekend in August.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mid-Atlantic Kayak Bass Fishing Series #2: Pohick Bay

The morning was perfect, I just couldn't find them. Well, other than the snakehead that came off a stump on a 1/4 oz swim jig. It simply demolished the jig! All that was left was a bent hook with no paint left on the jig head.

Strategically, I felt it would be best to attack the cove across the launch, since the majority of the anglers headed to the creek. The plan was to circle back to the creek as the tide headed out. 

I ended the day with 27 1/4 total length. I caught both bass back in the creek, which I found to be clear, just like Leesylvania after heavy rain. Both fish were caught on a Carolina rigged stick worm. 

It was my first tournament in 2 years, it felt good to compete again. There were 23 anglers, 13 of which had submissions. The next one is June 21st at Point of Rocks. Visit http://www.thehobielife.blogspot.com/p/mid-atlantic-kayak-bass-fishing-series.html to learn more about the Mid-Atlantic Kayak Bass Fishing Series. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Muddy Waters

With all the rain we've had this early spring, it's been quite a challenge for me. My goal this year is to get my confidence up using the jig and craw rig. It seems to be working the best as I found out yesterday while fishing Pohick Bay.

We had a group of Northern Virginia anglers meet up yesterday for some fishing. Out of about 5 anglers, managed to catch more than two. Numbers were not that great for the rest. He managed to catch them on jig and pig rig. While the others that did catch bass, all landed them on a worm. One angler had a wacky rig, another had 10" ribbon worm on a weighted hook, and I had a Carolina rig tied to the end of mine.


Bass attempting to eat Berto's camera
While it's been tough, I always enjoy being out on the water. Here are some other shots from my previous outing. Until next time. Tight lines.

Bass at Lake Audubon

Senor Gato at Lake Audubon

Hickory Shad